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We are the top ranked award winning original online haggis store having started selling on the web since 1999. Since we started selling haggis online it has become a very versatile and dynamic dish and MacSween have also been ahead of the competition by introducing the first vegetarian haggis and earlier this year MacSween manufactured a gluten free haggis which has proven to be a huge hit. MacSween have also recently manufactured a delicious whisky cream sauce which has proven to be very popular with customers.    

We can now send our MacSween haggis to Canada - and hopefully to the USA soon. Our shipping costs to Canada are calculated at the checkout and based on the weight of your order.

As well as selling MacSween haggis we also sell the famous and delicious Grants and Stahlys tinned haggis. We are your one stop shop for Burns Suppers and Scottish celebrations throughout the year. You can buy haggis online now and select your preferred delivery date at the checkout. We also sell haggis sauce, cock a leekie soup, napkins and table runners, little extras which put the finishing touch to your event.

If you need information on when to buy haggis, how long it keeps and how much haggis you might need for your event, please visit our frequently asked questions section:   


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